Bestfriend Tag 2016 ft. Alyssa Magnaye

My bestfriend and I thought about doing this tag, but we are also going to do it in our YouTube channel, which I don’t know when we are going to film. Anyway, this tag will test if we know each other very well since we’ve been friends for over a year or two… and counting! She sent me 10 questions and I also sent her 10 question which she will be answering those too. I hope I get everything right! Continue reading and get to know my bestfriend, enjoy!

1. Describe me in one word.
Pabebe HEHEHEHEHEHE. She is super pabebe! Haha!

2. What is my favorite fast food snack?
This is so easy lol, it would definitely be McDonalds’s chicken fillet sandwich.

3. What animal do I hate the most?
I think she hates cockroaches or rats because she actually loves big animals and afraid of small insects, lol.

4. What type of food do I hate the most?
Seafood! She is very picky when it comes to seafood but I’m also adding fatty foods haha! She hates taba so much, but I love it.

5. My favorite drink?
She loves tea. She is actually collecting different kind of flavors of tea.

6. Am I afraid of the dark?
Nope, but she is scared when there is a red light in a dark room.

7. Would you like to be friends with me until you have grand childrens?
Of course!

8. Name that one incident when I got confined at the hospital for more than a week.
When she drank gas thinking it was water when she was a kid. 😛

9. What do you admire most about me. hehehehe
She laughs at my jokes. Haha! But of course, I also admire her for always dealing with my  short temper and my annoying attitude hehe.

10. One thing you hate about me.
She doesn’t always reply to my messages and it’s very annoying.

That’s it for today. I hope I got everything right. Click here to see 10 questions from me which she have already answered, I hope she knows me very well and answered everything right. Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for another Bestfriend Tag on our YouTube channel in the future. Also, get excited for my blog post on Friday, I think it has something to do with Mother’s Day?! Okay, bye!

(P.S.: Sorry for the derp faces in my featured image lol)
(P.P.S.: I’m actually taller than her but you can see it in the photo so..)


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